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TRI-EDRE is proud to announce Back-In-Time 5

Back-In-Time 5

Back-In-Time is a software created to make it easy tofind and recover data backed up by Time Machine.

Back-In-Time offers what is impossible with Time Machine: open multiple browsers, copy with a simple drag and drop, easily know how many versions of a given document are available, discover when an item was deleted, access the data saved in an old Time Machine disk (for example after having changed the Time Machine disk to a bigger one), recover data that were backed up on another Mac, calculate the space occupied on the backup disk, etc.

Back-In-Time can recover a single file or folder, as well as an entire disk.

New in Back-In-Time 5 (compared to version 4)

- macOS X 10.13 High Sierra and macOS 10.14 Mojave compatibility.
- Add APFS compatibility.
- Add snapshots when Local Time Machine backups are analyzed.
- New feature to make a copy of all the different versions of selected files existing in the backups.
- New user interface.
- Improved navigation and search features.

- Export a contents of a backup to a text file.
- Compare two exported contents.

- Ability to use Back-In-Time without administrator privileges.

Back-In-Time is available at:


Trial version:
A free demo version is available, giving you access to all features, but limited to the restoration of the latest Time Machine backup.

Versions History

Version 5.0.3

- Added compatibility with Dark Mode (macOS 10.14 Mojave).
- Various minor enhancements and interface changes.

- Various minor corrections.

Version 5.0.2

- Verify that access to the Time Machine backup is allowed in System Preferences.
- Various minor enhancements and interface changes.

- Various minor corrections.

Version 5.0.1

- Full 64-bits application.
- Various minor enhancements and interface changes.

- Fixed an issue that could slow down the application during some seconds at launch.
- Various minor corrections.

New in version 5.0.0

Final version released.

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