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TRI-EDRE is proud to announce Back-In-Time 5

Back-In-Time 5

Back-In-Time is a software created to make it easy tofind and recover data backed up by Time Machine.

Back-In-Time offers what is impossible with Time Machine: open multiple browsers, copy with a simple drag and drop, easily know how many versions of a given document are available, discover when an item was deleted, access the data saved in an old Time Machine disk (for example after having changed the Time Machine disk to a bigger one), recover data that were backed up on another Mac, calculate the space occupied on the backup disk, etc.

Back-In-Time can recover a single file or folder, as well as an entire disk.

New in Back-In-Time 5 (compared to version 4)

- Mac OS X 10.13 High Sierra compatibility.
- Add APFS compatibility.
- Add snapshots when Local Time Machine backups are analyzed.
- New feature to make a copy of all the different versions of selected files existing in the backups.
- New user interface.
- Improved navigation and search features.

- Export a contents of a backup to a text file.
- Compare two exported contents.

- Ability to use Back-In-Time without administrator privileges.

Back-In-Time is available at:


Trial version:
A free demo version is available, giving you access to all features, but limited to the restoration of the latest Time Machine backup.

Versions History

New in version 5.0.0

Final version released.

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