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Q: Can I try Tri-CATALOG before buying it?
A: Yes you can freely download a demo version of these applications in the "Download" section (Mac OS or Windows version). You can try both of them before choosing the one that you want to buy.

Q: What is the minimum required configuration for Tri-CATALOG?
A: The Mac version of Tri-CATALOG 7 runs natively on Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) and more (Lion, etc.).

Q: Tri-CATALOG rejects my serial number, why?
A: There are different versions of Tri-CATALOG. For instance, Tri-CATALOG 6 serial numbers do not work with Tri-CATALOG 7, and vice-versa. You must install on your computer the version that you have bought. If you have not installed the correct version, you won’t be able to enter your serial number.

Q: How many volumes can be indexed by Tri-CATALOG?
A: There is no limit, you can index as many volumes as you want.

Français (Accueil)