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Q: What are the errors that can happen during a backup?
R: If errors occur during the execution of a programmed action, the items are listed in the "Last actions" panel with an error code (E1, E2...). The meaning of these codes are explained in the Help menu.

Q: Does the programmed action execution continue in case of errors? ?
R: Yes. The file or folder reporting errors remains unchanged in the destination and the action continues until its completion.

Q: there have been errors during the execution of an action. Where can I see these errors?
R: in the 'Last actions' Panel. Select the desired action and the list of files having problem lies in the Errors tab.

Q: What can I do in case of error?
R: If errors are due to a temporary opened file, execute again the action and check if errors happen again or not.
If the same errors are encountered, this can be due to a problem with the file (or its folder) in the destination. Delete the item in the destination and execute again the same action.
Errors can also be due to a lack of permissions. If your action copies from and to disks directly connected to your Mac, activate the administrator privileges in the "Options" panel of the action's editor.
If errors occur on a remote drive (server, disk connected via Ethernet or Wi-Fi), DO NOT enable administrator rights in the Options panel and DO NOT check the copy of the owner/group option.

Q: What can I do in case of crash of the Execute process?
R: This can happen very rarely. In this case, the action is re-executed one time only. If the second execution is correct, all the items where properly copied.

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