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Q: How can I access Help?
A: The Help menu opens the PDF version of the manual.

Q: How can I entirely uninstall TrashMagic?
A: Use the Uninstall item in the Special menu of TrashMagic.

Q: How can I check if the protection is activated?
A: The TrashMagic menu is permantly displayed in the menu bar. The icon of this menu is grayed if the protection is deactivated, otherwise, the icon is normal.

Q: Can I stop the protection at any time?
A: Yes, the protection can be activated or deactivated at any time. Note that, when the protection is stopped, the contents of the cache is preserved. Deactivate the protection with the TrashMagic menu or launch the TrashMagic application and stop the protection. This is usefull before deleting a large number of files that you don’t need to be protected and copied in the cache.

Q: Why is the Trash automatically emptied?
A: You have selected the «Move to the cache» mode in the TrashMagic settings. In this case, the protection move the files from the Trash to the cache, and thus empty the Trash.

Q: Will the cache fill entirely my disk?
A: No. Settings allow to define the maximal size occupied by the TrashMagic cache. By default, TrashMagic lets 10 % of the total disk free size. For example, with a 100GB disk, TrashMagic will empty the cache - starting with the oldest saved files - if the free space in the disk is under 10GB.

Contacting TRI-EDRE
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