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Clone X

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Clone X 3


System Requirement

Clone X 4 needs a machine running Mac OS 10.6 or later (10.7 compatible). Clone X 4 is compatible with filevault and Lion (10.7) cyphered disks.


How can I access Help?

The Help menu opens the PDF version of the manual.


Can Clone X create a bootable copy of my hard disk?
Yes. The «Clone» function results in bootable copies.


How do I update a clone?

Very simple: clone again ! Clone X 4 always compare source volume and destination volume. It will only copy what was changed.


Why is it not possible to copy to/from a server?
Volumes mounted through a network do not allow for the correct copying of owner and permissions of folders and files. This prevents the copy from being correct. That’s why servers are disabled in the volumes pop-up menus.


Can I make a bootable copy on a disk image?

Yes and no!

The copy can be made on a disk image (the easiest way is to create a disk image "sparsebundle" that will fit the size required). You can restore a disk from the disk image.

But booting from a disk image is not possible.


Can I make a bootable DVD with Clone X 4?

No. The bootable DVD require a system different from that which is on the startup disk.


Can I make a bootable USB drive with Clone X 4?

Yes (it is increasingly the solution to make a rescue disk).

Choose the options to copy a minimum system to fit on your USB drive.


Can I backup or copy a specific file or folder with Clone X?
No. Clone X copies an entire disk. You can copy a particular item using the Finder or a backup application such as Tri-BACKUP.


How can I entirely uninstall Clone X 4?

Drag the application to the Trash

Delete Preferences inside your home/Library/Preferences. Files names start with com.ted.Clone X 4

Delete Clone X 4 folder inside your home/Library/Application Support




Contacting TRI-EDRE

Feel free to contact us if you need more help:

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