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Protecting the Trash

When you empty the Trash, its whole contents is lost forever. Install TrashMagic, and you'll be able to recover your data lost after an error, or files that you deleted but that you now need again. Even days or weeks after, you'll be able to recover your data.

Install the free demo version. Your data will be protected and, in case of problem, you can purchase a license to recover files and folders.


Lost your data in the Trash?
Never more with TrashMagic!

To protect your Trash:

  1. Install TrashMagic and activate the protection.
  2. If a file is lost when you empty the Trash, open TrashMagic and drag and drop the file back to the Finder.
  3. Simple!!!!

Free Trial Version Available:
Protect your Trash for free!

Demo Version: fully working. Data are saved, but you must recover within 5 minutes after they have been trashed (that's the limitation of the demo version). Install the demo and have your Trash protected, and purchase a licence only if you need to recover files deleted more than 5 minutes ago!


TrashMagic automatically backup the contents of the Trash, so that you can recover any file accidentally deleted when you empty the Trash.

TrashMagic contains a protection engine that runs permanently and copy any file you moved to the Trash into a specific cache.

At any time, even days or weeks after you have emptied the Trash, you can recover deleted files that were protected by TrashMagic.


Mac Intel

MacOS X 10.6 and +

Easily recover what you put in the Trash

TrashMagic keep a copy of anything you move to the Trash.

Trial Version

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