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Web Search Utility
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GrandReporter lets you automate searches over the internet. Create your queries, and it will scan for new web information periodically.
s soon as a new page on one of the subjects is detected on the Internet, you will be alerted, you can view and classify it, and save interesting pages in bookmarks.

Universal Binary
Mac Intel
Mac PowerPC

MacOS X 10.5 and +

Search Web.

Surveys and Alerts when new pages are available.

Trial version

What's New?

Handle Searches on the Web

• Automate your searches on the web.
• Create your own queries.
• Surveys and detects any new page for the subjects that you are looking for.
• Preview, save, mark, share, and classify the found pages.
• Bookmarks, smart lists, etc.
• And much more...

GrandReporter makes your life easier to search over the internet. You can create your own queries in Grand Reporter for each of the subjects you are interested in and want to be surveyed. You will be informed as soon as a new page related to one of your queries is detected on the Internet. New pages are added in the request results.
GrandReporter displays and saves the pages found for each query. New pages as added as not yet read items. You can view each page in the internal browser, give a quote to interesting pages, delete or classify pages. You can also exclude certain web sites of your results.


Pages that you are interested in can be stored as bookmarks, so that you can retrieve them easily later. You can create multiple lists and group them by themes. Classify is independant of the request that found the pages.
You can also create smart lists. Smart lists contents is automatically updated, based on the criterias you have set for each smart list


Pages added in bookmarks are saved, and can be viewed in GrandReporter even if the original page no longer exists on the web.
Pages in bookmarks can be shared with other persons, send by email, etc.

GrandReporter vs Search Engines:

Google and other web search engines are fine to search over the web, but you must restart the same request from ground again and again to find new pages with the desired contents. Another annoying point is that new pages are mixed with previously found pages, and you have to go through all results to detect the new ones.
GrandReporter does the job for you, and does it automatically, warning you when new pages are found.

GrandReporter vs RSS Feeds:

RSS Feeds are created and fed by persons about various subjects. They are very interesting, but sometime RSS Feeds are not accurate enough, or too specific for your own needs.
GrandReporter can bring to you all information about your specific needs. It is like your personnal RSS Feed provider for subjects you are looking for.

Examples of use:

1/ You start presenting a new product over the web and want to detect all the pages that are talking of your product on the internet, day after day. GrandReporter warns you and display the new pages.
2/ You want to be automatically informed of the apparition of any new page talking about a subject that interest you, regardless of where the information comes from. GrandReporter detects the new pages and saves the links.
3/ You survey a particular web site, and want to know when an information will be published. GrandReporter will warn you as soon as a new information is available.
4/ You want to buy a product on line, and want to keep track of its price and how it evolves. GrandReporter shows the changes, and saves the links.
5/ You want to find again a person, and want to launch a wide search on the web. GrandReporter saves the links of the pages related to this person.
6/ You prepare a travel, and want to constitue documentation and information about it. GrandReporter saves the links of the found pages.

Main Features

  • Create unlimited number of requests.
  • Create search requests for all web sites, or limited to certain web sites only.
  • Search and survey is done in background (no need to have GrandReporter launched permanently).
  • Warn of new pages found, even if GrandReporter is not launched.
  • Web pages preview in integrated browser.
  • Manage, classify, remove found pages.
  • Bookmarks to store your prefered web pages.
  • Smart lists.


A trial version is available for evaluation. The trial version is fully functional and has these limitations:

  • A maximum of 3 requests can be created.
  • A maximum of 3 lists of bookmarks.

A software created by TED
Distribution by TRI-EDRE

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